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Cooling Spray - blö cooling device

Cooling Spray

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Are you tired of being hot and uncomfortable outside?

Native Cooling Spray helps keep you cool and comfortable no matter where you are. Whether you're working out, or suffering from hot flashes, this is the solution you've been waiting for.
  • Instantly cools and calms you down
  • Lowers your surface temperature for around 20 minutes 
  • Has a light, pleasant aroma that smells great and provides instant relief
  • Bottled in the USA
DIRECTIONS: Shake well before each use. For best results:
Spray 3-5 Times on the Front of Your Chest

Or on the Back of Your Neck

Do not blot it or rub it in. It's normal to experience a slight tingle or cooling sensation. Use as often as needed.
The best thing about Native Cooling Spray is that it's ALL NATURAL with carefully selected ingredients. 🌿
We've developed a proprietary blend that consists of lavender, peppermint, witch hazel, distilled water, and alcohol.
No Gluten, GMO, or Soy.
Bottled in the USA